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    Building ideas and businesses that follow my passions for problem solving, value creation, music, production, and design & branding.

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    We are born to create value, deliver value, and help others value themselves and one another.

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    Having recently wrapped up the CraveLab and XenonSupply, I am in full swing with content creation from video blogging and writing to music composition.

Persistence Therapy

Mar 13

Here’s to a new chapter in life. I recently exited one of the first businesses I had the privilege to co-found. Now we’re on our way to build new businesses, all towards the goal of doing the most good for our communities and our world.

Follow my new project at: PersistenceTherapy.com

Live fully and persist,

7 Books I Frequently Revisit

Oct 7

In a day and age where, funny enough, people actually read more, granted it’s mostly repetitive Twitter and Facebook feeds, I like to think people are more accustomed to reading than ever before.

I was fortunate to have been taught the value of reading at an early age. However, it was instilled in me that reading was less so about discovering new ideas and more so about understanding yourself better. We are highly intelligent creatures, and we incessantly absorb the world around us whether we choose to or not. Yet, few of us take the time to a) reflect and understand the information we’ve ingested and b) prioritize the most pertinent information for our personal growth and mental wellness. Reading helps with both.

2015 Best Tools and Apps for Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads

Sep 28

For the past 6 years I’ve worked out of my bed, coffee shops (sometimes multiple coffee shops per day), and anywhere else around the world with a stable WiFi connection. I’ve been able to work remotely because of the growing number of tools at my disposal as an entrepreneur/business owner. Being connected 24/7, around the globe has been a curse in some respects but it has also been a blessing in disguise. Allowing me to connect with my team in my warehouse and offices, and run my businesses with relatively ease and freedom.

My quality of life has really been dictated by the quality of the tools I decide to use. Throughout the years I’ve adopted some and thrown away others. My personal favorites and absolutely necessities to make sense of my life are as follows.

Being Human Being

Sep 20

With technology, I sometimes wonder if it’s the direction we’re bound for and it’s just our evolutionary path as humans to someday become the technology or if we’re getting caught up in it and we haven’t learned to properly harness its power in our day to day lives. At the end of the day, we are mother nature’s best tech. The question I see asked with more frequency is, “are we controlling our lives, or is technology overtaking our lives?”

I think it’s safe to say we’re spending more and more time with technology than with actual humans. It has opened our eyes and expanded our reach to the farthest corners of this earth. It has also propelled us further in the past two decades than the past two centuries. Concurrently, it has built walls around all of us. We’ve all become a little “less” human in one way or another and what I mean by that is I feel like we’re less tolerant of one another, in person. It does make you wonder, at such rapid pace, if us humans are able to keep up.

Learn to Travel with No Expectations

Sep 11

Here in the US, you’d be lucky to get 2 weeks off, and that’s if you even volunteer to take it. We’re almost working ourselves to death by burnout. But what gets me is that when people do decide to ‘vacation’ it becomes a stress-induced nightmare, full of expectations and idealism, and when things don’t go as expected the trip is ‘ruined.’ They can’t get their mind and focus off of how great it is to not be at work, how much they need this ‘vacation,’ and how perfect it needs to be because it may be the only vacation they’ll have this year.

Travel & Don’t Quit Your Job

Aug 31

My friend, Brent, shared a quote from St. Augustine, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Most travel articles that people send my way these days only mention people who quit their jobs to fulfill their lifelong (sometimes only 20 short years) dream of traveling. It always made me wonder why we can’t keep our jobs or change our jobs so that we can work from anywhere? Because really, why can’t we have our cake and eat it too? I think the answer lies beyond the limitations of our imagination.

Fighting Mediocrity

Aug 27
Wow, after writing that first article, I feel really good. So good that I’m writing a second article. It’s probably been over a decade since I last wrote publicly (if you knew me since Xanga). I feel like writing is one of the not-so-obvious forms of self therapy that helps us sort through our own thoughts. Although, as a busy entrepreneur, I used to feel like it was a waste of time to sit around and write when I have a million other things I should be doing. Nowadays, I’m realizing the importance of taking time for self-reflection because it leads to greater progress, and it combats mediocrity. In a recent Tony Robbins interview on the Tim Ferriss show, he stated that if you can’t take at least an hour a day for yourself, you don’t really have a life.

I’ve been finding that out the hard way.

Copy & Paste, All Day, Every Day.

Aug 5

I have this constant fear to stop doing something just because someone else is doing it. Case-in-point, start blogging or start writing a book. I have a fear that others will think I’m trying to copy them or worse, steal their ideas.

I’m just going to say it out loud for my own good, because most of the time it’s more so in our own heads than in reality. Screw all of our high horses. Screw all the credit claiming. If anyone thinks they can claim something, they’re truly as arrogant as Christopher Columbus staking a flag into America claiming he discovered it first, as if nobody else was already living here. 


Jun 5

Makes you feel small, yet feel so important to be one in billions. One lonely planet makes all the difference.


Nov 16

Earth from space helps put your daily problems into perspective.  I am always reminded to stay positive and relax “the sky isn’t going to fall.” Perspectives, Patience, and Perseverance – Possibly the three most notable P’s in my own life.  Months after I wrote this, I watched an amazing video (below) about Earth from space.